Hunt Construction Ltd have been a joy to work with and have acted with professionalism and integrity from the moment we put the job out to tender via our architect.

The company’s Director, Robert Hunt (ʻRob’) responded very quickly and well within the mandatory time frame with a clear and detailed Bill of Quantities which correlated with the technical drawings. He then arranged to meet with the architect to clarify certain parts of the tender documents/ drawings and customer requirements in order to provide a refined final Bill of Quantities. This was again arranged and delivered very quickly.

We met with the three builders who had tendered for the project in order to assist with making a final decision. Having had a negative experience instructing a builder previously and in light of the scale of project we wanted to ensure that we were comfortable with the builder and clear as to the scope of work covered by each quote.

The work also produced some unexpected twists and turns e.g. rectifying an unsafe boundary garden wall and replacing a cracked and sunken subfloor. Rob gave reassurance and advice (to include estimated costings) in respect of the range of options. We always felt that Rob was acting in our best interests and giving fair and honest advice. We came to trust him implicitly.

Throughout the work Rob would periodically produce a detailed Valuation of Work schedule to accompany requests for payment. The Valuation of Work document followed the same format and breakdown as the Bill of Quantities which made it very easy for us as lay clients to cross-reference the payment requested to the work done. On the only occasion that we had a question about an aspect of the valuation, Rob provided prompt clarification. This process gave us confidence and enabled prompt payment.

It has now been some time since the work was completed. Very little ‘snagging’ has been required which is testament to the care and skill that the team engaged throughout the works. They have executed the work beautifully and to a very high standard.

We have had such a positive experience with Hunt Construction Ltd and have appointed them to do further work for us this Summer. We have also recommended them to many friends and family members who, having seen the quality of work and one or two of them having met Rob also intend on trying to appoint Hunt Construction Ltd for their own projects. I am also aware that our architect (who was previously hadn’t worked with Hunt Construction Ltd) now regularly recommends Rob and his team for significant projects across South Wales.